Each year the 24h Roller booth will have drinks and food (ex. water, sports drinks, juices, cakes, chips, granola bars, etc.) that will be sold at this location. If possible, avoid bringing glass containers on the site. We remind you that the 24h Roller Montreal is an event without smoke or alcohol for the duration of the event. A benefit BBQ supper will be server on Saturday evening : Steak for 16$ or Chicken for 12$, book your meal here




Showers will be available on the Saturday and Sunday. Toilets are located in the back between the paddocks 14 and 15 at ground level and also on the roof. Other toilets, on the roof near paddock 29 are also available. Location and opening hours of showers will be available the day of the event at the organizing committee booth.


First Aid


Since the first edition of the 24h Roller Montreal, our official first aid team is Rescue Medics International, a first aid company specialized in remote areas, natural disasters, extreme sports, mountain and tactical operations. All members of the paramedic team are certified and active in Montreal and some of them are extreme sports athletes (long distance running, mountaineering, skydivers). Their paramedic experience is very diverse, ranging from urban medical to high-risk medical field (red zone). The paramedics perform various interventions each year during the event of 24h Roller Montreal. The safety and well -being of each participant are their priority.




While you relay, massage therapists of the Sports Clinic HPH (High Performance Human) will also take turns during the 24-hour to help you keep up! You will be able to take advantage of the benefits of massage therapy to prepare for your physical performance, to release tension and toxins that accumulate during the race or simply to help you rest. With these chair or table massages, you can better recover from your sports performance.