Qualifying race

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Qualifying race

Objective : The qualifying race has the objective of determining the start position for each team for the 24h Roller Montréal race. Taking part of the qualifying is not mandatory, however it is strongly encouraged. It’ll give the kick off to the teams and spice up the most competitive within them.The qualifying race : It’ll be a 200 metre race on inline skates that will take place at the Gilles Villeneuve paddock. Three (3) skaters will line up near the start line, which will be located nearby the start/finish line for the 24h race. Look for the #1 paddock.

Number of participants : The maximum number of participants for the qualifying race will be determined by the number of timing chips held per team. In other words, the teams with 10 members will have two (2) chances to set a time during the 200 meter qualifying race, just as duos will get two (2) chances. Solos will only get one (1) chance.  Duos and teams will have to use a different timing chip for their second attempt. Their best of both times will determine their starting position for the 24h race.

Choosing a skater : The choice for the designated skater will be up to the team to decide. There are no restrictions. The second attempt for teams and duos can be done by the same skater chosen for the first attempt, or it can be done by another team member.

Schedule : The qualifying rounds will begin at 1pm on Saturday august 24th, two (2) hours before the start to the 24h race. At first, all teams will be asked to show up for their first attempt to set up a time. Afterwards, around 1:30pm. The teams that will chose to better up their time, will begin their attempts with a second member (or the same one).

Qualifying requirements : The skaters wishing to take part of the qualifying rounds will have to show up at the requested time and place previously given. They’ll have to wear their team’s bib and one (1) of their timing chips assigned to the team. The skaters wishing to take part at the second attempt must wear a different timing chip then the one used for the first attempt.

At 2pm the top 3 teams will battle for the pole : Once all the teams will have taken the chance to establish a qualifying time with both timing chips, the 24h Roller Montréal organisers will present the three (3) teams who accomplished the top 3 times. These teams will be invited to take part for a final qualifying round. Their finishing order after 200 meters will determine their final starting position for the 24h race. As stated, the final round will take place at 2pm.