Some practical tips

  1. Make sure you drink enough energy drinks such as Gatorade or PowerAde to increase the amount of electrolytes to avoid cramping and physical exhaustion. Electrolytes are very important for an endurance event like the 24h Roller Montreal.
  2. If you are exhausted, do not hesitate to find someone to replace you until you are feeling better.
  3. To avoid blisters, make sure to have several pairs of socks you can change regularly (avoid cotton stockings because they absorb sweat and can promote the formation of blisters). Using two pairs of socks can also cause friction.
  4. Stop skating when you feel a sticking point and inspect your feet.
  5. By applying antiperspirant under your feet- you slow transpiration phenomenon and keep your feet dry longer.
  6. If you have new shoes, try them at least a few hours before the day of the race.


Our recommandations

  • Please read the rules and regulations of the race before the event.
  • Do not forget the helmet and the bracelet which are mandatory.
  • Please gear up comfortably for your 24-hour relay.
  • We also suggest to bring an eye mask because the lights will stay on all night.
  • For those light sleepers, the earplugs are also very useful for not hearing the skaters shout their relays at night or music.
  • Wrist guards, elbow and knee pads are recommended in addition to the helmet which is MANDATORY.
  • The track is not fully illuminated at night, it is suggested to have two head lamps to put on the helmet (one for the skater who is moving, the other for the one who will relay).
  • Also wear very visible clothing for the night (eg. With reflective stripes).
  • We recommend that protection against the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or a cap.
  • Make sure you have the necessary clothing to cope with all conditions.
  • Remember that the race takes place rain or shine, even in the rain, so make sure you have all that will be useful to roller and maintain your equipment in these conditions, including several pairs of socks as well as cleaning and oil for your ball bearings.
  • Each team will have a space in or near the Grand Prix garages, located along the track.

Every garage can house up to six teams and are normally equipped with running water and electricity. Courtesy to your neighbors is required. The floor is made of concrete, you will need inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags , folding chairs , etc.

Please be sure to keep your own garage space clean during the race and to clean the space where your team when leaving at the end of the event.

To prevent theft, we recommend that you always have a team member present in your assigned space. This will also help us in the event we need to contact your team. For the entire period of 24h Roller, please keep all of your belongings in a designated area of your space so as not to lose anything. Try not to leave your valuables exposed. Lost property may be given at the information booth.


  • We remind you that it is forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol during the event.
  • Please avoid bring glass containers.
  • Riding without a helmet !