Hostesses speed on the Rive-Nord

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A first step this weekend for our hostesses speed, running and walking challenge held at Desjardins Ducharme Park St. Therese. A good start for the training of this group of speed skaters season.
It is with joy that 10 girls in the Lower Laurentians learned last week that she was chosen to represent the 24h Roller Montreal for its 10th edition from 23 to August 25. The 24h Roller Montreal is a sport where hundreds of followers inline aligned province, skating relay for 24 hours on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Île Notre Dame.

The event took place Saturday night at the Community Center where Club Rosemere speed skating Rosemere North Shore (CPVRRN) held its end of season party. The team of young short track skaters from 14 to 22 years was in the registration process, and the 24hrs Inline Montreal sought to emphasize how original’s 10th anniversary. This team of young hostesses speed will be involved, with the support of the organization, a series of sporting events taking place both on the North Shore on the island of Montreal.

It will be a unique experience for girls Louise said Santerre, Laurence’s mother 15 years slipping in recent years. « The girls have a busy schedule, training starts from the month of May, but the Hostess participate in a race, the challenge Desjardins within two weeks Indeed, young athletes will be filled with between three and five sessions of. training per week to their sport and their schedule of Hostesses 24hrs Inline Montreal includes races, a festival outdoors, triathlon Academy St. Teresa, a marathon Roller and of course in late summer, the relay 24h at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Valérie Cadorette, ice skater provincial elite level it, laughing his challenge. She joined the team in line skater, but is doing just on rollerblades. « It will a double challenge for me, follow our busy schedule and learn a new sport in 4 months. « Obviously, this young team sports seems Fueling challenges.

A fund-raising event is associated with the 24hrs Inline Montreal. The money raised will support the development of youth sports, they will pay to the Federation of Speed ​​Skating Canada, and enriched by the program « Placing Sport » Sport managed by Quebec. The cause of preventing violence is also associated with the event, the organization is non-profit, part of the benefit of registration will be donated to a network of organizations working to innovation in violence prevention.

Who knows what awaits our young skaters club regional short track? Press conferences, interviews, broadcasts, no matter for them? The fact of moving, gang, seems the heart of their motivation. They would motivate other young and old to register either as « free agent », or with their team 24hrs Inline Montreal, and thus contribute to this unique sporting event in North America, a tool to incite to other young people to move.